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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Wasting Money Like the Joneses

If you’re paying for too much stuff, or more than you use or need, you’re throwing away money. Don’t try to “keep up with the Joneses,” because, chances are, the Joneses either have more disposable income than you, or are making very poor financial decisions.
  • Activities: Jones Jr. has baseball practice, tuba lessons and fencing each week while Sister Jones takes ballet, and has swim practice and biweekly art lessons. Mrs. Jones must be exhausted from chauffeuring, and Mr. Jones probably never sees his children. Stick with one activity per child. Don’t stretch them thin and stress them out.
  • Electronics: The Joneses may have a desktop computer, a laptop for Mr. Jones, a tablet for each Mrs., Sister, Jr. and even Baby Jones and, of course, a smartphone for all except Baby. However, this is wasteful and unnecessary. Consider having the children share a tablet, and do they really need cell phones?


Quick Tips for Frugal Living

Frugal living may sound like a drag, but the faster you get out of debt, the better you’ll be able to sleep at night. Imagine the day you have no loans or credit cards to pay back… sounds blissful doesn’t it? Try these tips from Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, a top ranking blog and website:
  1. Cut some portions of meat from your diet.
  2. Downsize your home and car.
  3. Avoid shopping for pleasure.

Motor Oil Facts, Not Friction

Choosing the right motor oil can have a major impact on how well your car runs, and it’s the quickest and cheapest way to improve your car's performance and reliability.
Mineral-based motor oils. These are the cheapest and most widely available. They typically use standard additive packages that provide minimum levels of performance and protection.
Synthetic motor oils. These man-made oils are more expensive than mineral-based oils. They have a longer service life and offer some improvements in protection, but typically use the same additive packages found in mineral-based oils.
High-performance 'specialty' synthetic motor oils.  Although they significantly outperform mineral-based or synthetic motor oils, they are about the same price as standard synthetic motor oil.

Planning a Wallet-Friendly Vacation

Are you planning your summer vacation on a budget? The economy can challenge our plans for a 14-night stay in a condo in a trendy destination, but it doesn’t have to completely eliminate an enjoyable vacation. Although Disney on the Fourth of July may be too pricey, follow these tips for the best vacation ever without emptying out your savings account:
  • Comparison Shop – Acquire brochures, check out websites, call hotels and recreation centers, research on travel websites, compare all the information you find and choose what fits in your budget the best.
  • Plan Well – Find out where the hotspots are, such as destinations hosting world sports events, and go elsewhere. Also, avoid travelling on holidays when everyone else is also travelling.
  • Consider Alternative Methods – Instead of staying in a hotel, camp or stay with friends. Also, a rental home can be much cheaper than a hotel if you invite your friends to come along and share the cost.

Money-Saving Tips